Requirements for Becoming a Service Provider

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Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP)

These agencies provide vocational rehabilitation services to DOR consumers. The Community Rehabilitation Program Guide to Certification & Vendorization describes the DOR's policy, procedures and standards for certifying and vendorizing CRPs.

Potential CRP providers can contact their local assigned Community Resources Development Specialist (CRD Specialist) or their local DOR District Administrator to discuss their interest in developing or providing services for DOR clients. After that discussion, the local CRD Specialist will meet with the interested agency to discuss the vendorization and certification process, as appropriate.

Service vendors can complete a DR 401 application (MS Word) (or a DR 401 in PDF), sign and return it to either the Sacramento address listed on the form or to the CRD Specialist serving your area.

More information on becoming a CRP.

Individual Service Providers (ISP)

An ISP is an independent contractor who provides vocational rehabilitation services to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment goals.

The ISP Handbook (PDF) describes the DOR's policy, procedures and standards for becoming an ISP and providing services.

Individuals who have an interest in providing services to DOR consumers should start by reviewing the ISP Categories of Services and then filling out a DR 171 ISP Application (PDF) form.

More information on ISPs.

Security and Privacy:

Annual Security and Privacy Training for VR Service Providers

Terms and Conditions for VR Service Providers:

Terms and Conditions for VR Service Providers