DOR Departmental Examinations
(Open and Promotional)

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This section includes information about current examinations being given by the Department of Rehabilitation.
If you have additional questions after reviewing the information on this website, please contact our Selection Services Unit at (916) 558-5545.


If you meet the minimum qualifications for a position listed below and would like to pursue a career at the Department of Rehabilitation,
please come back often to check on the updated test date.

Examinations are scheduled as needed. After taking a scheduled examination, you would be placed on an "eligible list" from which we are able to make hiring decisions.

Since eligibility lists apply only to positions in specific locations, you will want to carefully note details in the examination bulletin.
Click on the job titles below to view minimum qualifications, the specific location of the position, examination location and other information.

Examination Location Final Filing Date Additional Information
Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor -
Qualified Rehabilitation Professional (SVRC-QRP)
Statewide Continuous Filing Anytime
SVRC-QRP Online Exam
Support Services Assistant - (Interpreter) Statewide Continuous Filing  
Support Services Assistant - (General) Statewide Continuous Filing  


Applications are now being accepted for the following departmental promotional examinations. Applicants must have a permanent civil service appointment with the Department of Rehabilitation. Applicants not meeting promotional requirements will not be admitted to the examination. Please click on the examination title to view the examination bulletin.

Examination Location Final Filing Date Additional Information
None at this time